The Internet of Money

The phrase “The Internet of Money” was used to describe bitcoin as early as 2013, by many bitcoin advocates and entrepreneurs, including Andreas M. Antonopoulos. It has been used by so many people that it has become a generic description of crypto-currencies, devoid of any association to any specific business.

Do you know what is the earliest use of the term “The Internet of Money” in a public presentation, in relation to a business or as part of a talk or tweet? Post a URL in a comment below and you will have a chance to win a reward, payable in bitcoin of course!

The best and earliest example of the use of this phrase will be awarded a 1 bitcoin reward. If more than one example are worthy of reward, or more funds are raised, the operators of this site may (at their discretion) give additional rewards to the earliest or several examples. The minimum reward donated will be 1BTC.